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Design Style: Enneagram Series! Type 2: The Helper

Enneagram Two: The Helper

Caring, Interpersonal, Demonstrative, Generous, People-pleasing, Possessive

Two's are the real-life examples of the "good parent" you see in movies. Warm, welcoming, and nurturing, they are always willing to lend a hand and are the most empathetic and caring listeners. On the flip side of that, a two's biggest hurdle is that they can be self-abnegating. Therefore, the underlying theme when designing a home for a two is preparation. If you can ensure that everyone else's needs will be met from the beginning, the two can then focus on their needs when they are home. It will most likely take some convincing, but getting their bedroom situated first will allow them a space to have much needed "me" time. Storage is important for a two, because they tend to hold on to things that will make a visitor feel at home, even if they no longer need them. For example, a two would hold on to old baby toys and books, in the event that a friend pops by with a small child. Storage bins tucked away neatly in a hall closet or under-used cabinet will do nicely. You will also want to consider garage storage for male (or female) two's because they will no doubt have an excess of tools, ladders, or anything else that may need to be loaned to a neighbor. Knowing they have a linen closets filled with the fluffiest towels, extra pillows and blankets, toothbrushes, etc. will help a two feel prepared for whatever needs a guest may require.

Two's love to entertain, so their spaces need to reflect that. Bright kitchens, intimate dining rooms, and large, comfortable living spaces speak to a two's love for hosting. Their guest rooms are filled with everything you could possibly need; no detail is too small when it comes to making others feel welcome. Two's can also fall into the trap of being people-pleasers. A transitional style will be most comforting to a two, because the mix of modern and traditional will appeal to everyone's taste. A two loves sentimental touches, so be sure to include lots of framed photos of loved ones. Two's want to be surrounded by things they love, so whether that's books, trinkets from their travels or a collection of old cookbooks, make sure you are able to properly display them. Baskets can corral throw blankets, and large personal photo albums will make great coffee table books for a two.

Furniture with curves will appeal to a two. Steer clear of anything that feels too rigid or impersonal. Soft textiles like velvet or boucle are great options. A well thought out space plan will be a game changer for a two. Two's are relationship-oriented, so creating intimate spaces within larger settings in their home will no doubt check all their boxes. A neutral color palette with pops of color will evoke the sense of peace and comfort that twos are trying to achieve. That being said, they aren't afraid of color or pattern. Wallpaper is a trend that two's can really embrace because it can be such a mood-setter. Consider wallpapering a dining room to create the most fun atmosphere for a dinner party. Additionally, a neutral grasscloth wallpaper will add a sense of earthiness and texture that appeals to a two's desire for comfort.

If you are ready to get your started on your space, sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call! For the previous Enneagram One post, click here.

xx - Natalie

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