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Who We Are

Born and raised in Chicagoland, designer Natalie Gill grew up surrounded by the works of the great architectural pioneers. She started her creative journey at Seton Hall University in New Jersey where she majored in Broadcasting.  It was only after she met her husband that her true passion for interior design was ignited.  Over the past 10 years, Natalie and her growing family have called 4 states and multiple houses “home” – and each time, she strived to make them personal to her family.  Founded with an optimistic heart and authentic spirit, Tiger Oak’s mission is to create spaces that inspire, promote vitality and give back to those living within them. 

What We Do

There is no copy and paste scheme at Tiger Oak Designs. Natalie’s organic approach to developing a design concept is to work from the inside out, beginning with the family and working backwards through the issues and constraints of the project, always circling back to the lifestyle of the homeowners.  "When you create spaces that are authentic to the families that live in them, each one will have its own dynamics."  She effortlessly incorporates her client’s design style and elevates it, creating an eclectic mix of patterns, color and texture that are as unique to each client as fingerprints.  "When a home truly fits your needs, values and your personality, it will always feel timeless." 

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Our Giving Philosophy

I believe that to whom much is given, much will be required.  As a servant leader, Tiger Oak has committed to donating 10% of net profits to the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, because every child deserves a safe and loving home.  For more information, visit NWACS  

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