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Design Style: Enneagram Series! Type 6: The Loyalist

Enneagram Six: The Loyalist

Committed, Security-Oriented, Engaging, Responsive, Anxious.

Enneagram Sixes are reliable, trustworthy and hardworking, but often filled with a nameless anxiety. They are termed the "loyalist" because more than any other number, they will go down with the ship. They have strong loyalty to their ideas and belief systems. Not to be confused with people who go along with the "status quo", they may also be loyal to the idea that all systems of authority need to be questioned. Sixes are known to worry a lot and can become paralyzed when it comes to decision-making, making it hard to commit to design choices. Because of this, it is best that Sixes stick to traditional styles and steer away from trends, no matter how much they like them at the moment. This can be a tricky needle to thread, as Sixes can sometimes act like a ping pong ball, flip flopping between their desire for what's traditional, and their desire not to be controlled!

Styles that work well with Sixes are Traditional (think The Kennedy's or Ralph Lauren) and Coastal. Modern Farmhouse will also work for a millennial six who finds the welcoming farmhouse style to be safe and inviting. Because traditional design is tried and true, this will ease a sixes anxiety when it comes to make design decisions. Traditional style is predictable, comforting and inviting, but it doesn't have to be boring or old fashion. Popular prints, such as florals and stripes, can be done in more modern color palettes. Look for furniture shapes such as wingback, Jenny Lind, or anything from the Victorian period. Darker wood tones are a safe choice, but make sure to balance it with some lightness to avoid creating an overly heavy feeling room. Given that Sixes crave security, natural materials provide comfort, as does a traditional color palette of greens, blues and reds.

Sixes appreciate things that have meaning or remind them of something they love, and feel a deep sense of comfort and security when surround by family heirlooms. Having comfy blankets on rotation is always a good styling tip when it comes to a Six! Craftsmanship and comfort come first, so a large, heavy sofa will be a great choice for a family room. More than anything, Sixes need a space that allows them to relax. The best way to approach designing for a six, and this goes for sixes themselves, is to design in an organized, thoughtful way. Is there enough architectural detail in the current space to support a well-appointed design? If not, what can you add? Millwork, chair rails, etc. are great places to begin creating character. Design-wise, always start with your rug, because that will take all the questions out of the color palette decisions. Then move on to the needs and requirements of the space, and choose style-appropriate pieces. Once you have your base layer set, add in all the comfort pieces: family heirlooms, photos and art work, throw blankets and pillows, flowers, etc. The more meaningful or comfortable, the better. If you still feel like this task is too daunting, head to the website and book a free, 30 minute discovery call where we can discuss your project and get you on your way to a more comfortable lifestyle!

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