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How to Mix + Match Your Table and Chairs

“Don’t buy the set” ... this is a designer’s mantra and it applies to bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms alike. Nothing says ‘basic’ like a furniture set from a big box retailer. One of the tenants at Tiger Oak is that your home should be a reflection of you, so even though you and your sister might both love modern farmhouse, your version of how that plays out in your kitchen or dining room should be very different than the way hers looks. The way to achieve this unique look is by mixing and matching your dining set. The most common ways to do this are:

  • mixing the style of table with the style of chair (my personal favorite)

  • mixing an upholstered chair at the heads of the table with another set of side chairs and/or a bench

  • mixing all the chairs so that none of them match the other; this can be done by using different chair fabrics on the same chair (see the first example below) or to literally have every chair be a different style (this is the hardest and most eclectic option)

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If you're torn between two different design styles, mixing your dining pieces is a great way to combine the looks and create a more personalized space. It also adds visual interest by juxtaposing different materials and silhouettes. A few things to consider when mixing different chairs together is that you want them to be different, yet still feel cohesive. You can achieve this in two ways:

1) combining an upholstered chair with another material (wood, iron, fiberglass ...)

2) choosing chairs with the same finish but different shapes.

To help get you going, I've put together some of my favorite style combinations below ...

Mixing chairs and tables - Modern Farmhouse

Mix and match your table and chairs - Traditional Glam

Mix and match your table and chairs - Coastal Modern

Mix and match your table and chairs - Mid-Century and Rustic

Mix and match your table and chairs - Coastal Farmhouse

Mix and match your table and chairs - Glam Industrial

When it comes to your home, it should feel like you, and the best way to do that is to pair together styles that you love! No matter what the combination, it will always feel more upscale and thoughtful when you mix and match your dining chairs and table vs purchasing a set. If you are still struggling, contact us here for a free home styling consultation!

xx - Natalie

"When your home shows up well for you, you can show up well for others"

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