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Our Process

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This FREE discovery call gives us the opportunity to discuss your project, timeline and overall goals and vision for your project.  Over 20-30 minutes, we will walk you through our process in more detail, and discuss any questions you may have, so come prepared.  As with any relationship, we understand that sometimes we are not the right fit, and that's okay!  However, if you decide that you are ready to move on to the next phase, we will schedule an In-Home Consultation at your earliest opportunity. 

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After we carefully assess your project needs, as well as the time and resources needed to successfully complete your project, we will prepare a Contract and Design Fee Proposal.  This contract will include everything you can expect from us, as well as our expectations of you as a partner.  We will establish a clear project scope, an estimated design fee, clear payment details, an estimated timeline and all the terms and conditions.  Once you review and sign the contract, as well as pay the design fee deposit, we will schedule a site visit! 

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The consultation is a time for us to tour your home and start the conceptualization process.  This two-hour session will be filled with information, and it's okay to take notes.  We will walk through your home and discuss pain points, as well as what you love about your space.  We will cover basic space planning, as well as discuss your budget in more detail.  From here, you are free to use these ideas for your own DIY, or if you choose to continue on with our design services, the $250 fee will be credited to your project.

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A thorough site evaluation is essential to any successful design project.  We will carefully measure and document the condition of your existing space, including taking photographs for reference.  We will also discuss how we work with the various trades people you will hire, and can offer recommendations.  If you already have a contractor, you are welcome to invite them to this meeting to discuss the feasibility of our initial concepts! 

Our 6 Phased Approach

Not all projects are created equal, and neither is our approach.  Our streamlined, 6 phase process, allows us to create a fee structure specifically tailored to your project.  For example, a new build or a large renovation often includes all six phases, however a kitchen or bathroom renovation may not require much in regards to design development, and a bedroom typically does not require construction.  By breaking the process down into phases, we are able to more accurately assess the hours needed to complete each phase and bill you accordingly. 


Most projects are billed at an hourly rate, so this is important to your budget.  Projects often take shape with an "if this, then that" flow, with many variables.  An hourly rate provides you, the client, with more flexibility on how/where to spend your time/money, and the ability to change your priorities.  If your project is very tight in scope, and assumes the project will be completed in the manner that is set forth, a flat rate or percent-of-project based fee may be more practical.  





This is an exciting part of the project!  The initial concepts we discussed during the consultation are being worked into a full design plan.  We develop floorplans & elevations, 3D renders, curate fabric inspiration, color palettes, light material selections ...





Now is the time to source all our materials and hard finishes, such as cabinetry, hardware, flooring, wallpaper, plumbing, countertop design, trim and moldings ...  During this step we work alongside the tradespeople you have hired to gather quotes and estimates, developing our initial budget.





This is when things really get rolling.  We meet with you to select furnishings and window treatments, gather fabric samples, present lighting options, rugs, etc.  We will present these to you during our design presentation meeting.  This is our opportunity to present your custom design plan and go over the budget breakdown.  This is when the Furnishings Proposal Agreement is signed, the Design Fee balance is paid and the required Furnishings Deposit is paid.  If revisions are requested, a final design presentation meeting will be scheduled.  





We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we keep track of the details for you.  This is when we implement our agreed upon role in any construction or renovation included in your project.  This usually includes communicating with trades and GC, walking the site and ensuring that our plans are being carried out as specified.  A budget review is sometimes necessary on large projects with renovations to ensure that constructions costs have not gotten out of control.  While we are not responsible for these costs, we are still big-picture oriented and want to make sure you love the results!





This phase typically runs in conjunction with Phase 4.  We manage the purchasing of all furnishings, track and manage all orders, provide quality control on received items, manage lead times and vendor payments, and track any backordered or discontinued products that may impact the timeline.





The Big Reveal Day!  Whenever possible, we try to install and style your home over one or two days, so you can truly appreciate your space all at once.  This is the exciting moment when we get to walk through your finished space together.  Of course, accidents may happen, and this is the time to point out any deficiencies you observe, like a small tear in a pillow seam or a spot of paint on the floor.  Lastly, we will schedule a Project Closure meeting to discuss any feedback you have.  We are constantly striving to improve!  We also love reviews and referrals.  We will schedule a convenient time to have your space professionally photographed.  If we intend to have the photos published, we will discuss that with you as well.

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