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Mother's Day Gift Guide - 2021

Tiger Oak's motto is never more relevant than it is on Mother's Day ... "When your home shows up well for you, you can show up well for others." Self-care has been all the rage lately, and rightfully so. But mom's are notorious for doing for others and neglecting themselves. This Mother's Day, I've pulled together some of my favorite items that make me feel pampered, luxurious, and special. Any one of these would make a great gift for the special mama's in your life!

Scent is the ultimate mood-setter, relaxer and memory invoker, and this essential oil diffuser is as powerful as it is beautiful. Gone are the days of having a chunky piece of plastic sitting out on your counter or end table. The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is crafted out of high-quality porcelain. They also offer incredible, high-quality essential oils. If mom is new to essential oils, try their scent quiz and find her perfect fit!


When it comes to bath towels, it's not actually the bath "towel" you're looking for. Unless you're a tween, or lucky enough to be a size 000, a towel just isn't going to cut it. After using a bath sheet, your old towels will feel like a postage stamp, only suitable for wrapping your hair in! These bath sheets are 36"x70" and not only are they super absorbent, they are also incredibly light-weight. That means they dry faster, which means you can say goodbye to the mildew smell after just one use! They come in 7 colors, so you're sure to find one that fits mom's color scheme, although I always prefer a classic white towel.


What do you get the woman who has everything, and IS everything? A baby lamp. Yup, that's right. A baby lamp is the perfect addition to a built-in, a floating shelf in the kitchen, a credenza ... the options are limitless. I love to leave them on at night, making the baby lamp the chicest nightlight you have ever seen. My favorite baby lamp is the Terri Tiny Round Accent Lamp by Alice Lane Home. It is perfectly scaled and comes in two options, crystal or brass, both with the most elegant linen shade! Your mom is sure to light up when she opens it (see what I did there ... hehe).


Tencel Sheet Set - from $89 ... (currently on sale at PB!)

Tencel sheets are one of my favorite bedding sets. Plant-dyed using wild or organic plants and utilizing a process founded in Ayurvedic roots, their Lyocell fibers help absorb moisture, keeping your skin cool and dry while you sleep. Mom's are known for carrying the mental load in the family, so help her get a good nights sleep with a beautiful new sheet set! She will wake up feeling like a new woman. Bonus, they're currently on clearance at Pottery Barn, so grab them while supplies last!


Eucalyptus Shower Bundle - DIY one of these from Etsy

Imagine having a spa-like shower experience every day from the comfort of you home. Sounds great, right? Well, thanks to Eucalyptus shower bundles, you don't have to imagine. They are my favorite little luxury because they are relatively inexpensive and make the few moments us mama's get to ourselves even more peaceful. Just grab a bundle of fresh eucalyptus from your local florist or grocery store, and wrap the stems in twine. You will want to hang them from the BACK of the shower head to avoid getting them wet, or even better, use a clear command hook. The steam will run over the leaves and the next thing mom knows, she's completely relaxed (and breathing clearer!) To make these an extra special gift, you can wrap the bundle in butcher paper and tie with a beautiful ribbon or strip of fabric. Not a DIY person, no worries, Etsy has a great selection, including the one featured above by BotanicaFleur of Nashville.

Hopefully you've found this Mother's Day gift guide helpful! For the mom's who do it all, and always think of others, it's nice to pamper them with something they may not buy for themselves. For more design tips, check out the rest of the blog, or visit the website to book your free discover call!

xx - Natalie

"When you're home shows up well for you, you can show up well for others."

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