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The Falls Reveal

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

As a family of 5 with 3 young kids, we knew we wanted this room to feel comfortable and approachable, but still pulled together. The custom artwork above the fireplace set the palette for the entire room. A rich blue rug that changes tone from one end to the other, was the perfect cozy base to begin layering upon. The room needed to be kid-friendly, so the fabric sofa has washable covers and the leather sofa is, well ... leather! The more it ages, the better! Speaking of the leather sofa, I love how the camel color really warms up the room and pulls in the wood tones, while the modern lines add a cool, boho vibe to the space. Both sofas are long and low-profile, balancing each other perfectly.

Family rooms by nature are very geometric, so it's important to add in curves and softness so that everything doesn't feel so boxy. The rounded back and curved arms of the swivel chair add softness, as well as the round accent tables. The upholstered coffee table is a must-have with kids in the house.

The crystal lamp is one of my favorite pieces in the entire room. It reflects sunlight during the day, and has an incredible glow and sparkle at night.

Of course, you need to layer in plants for more organic movement throughout the room. A tall pampas grass planter sits in the corner, as well as a ZZ plant on a small pedestal table. An arrangement of flowers and feathers on the coffee table adds just the right amount of texture, interest and height to the center of the room without overpowering it.

The final step is layering in the details. Often times, once you have placed the furniture and set the tables accordingly, you are left with a large void between the edge of the coffee table and the fireplace. Poufs are great because not only do they create additional seating, especially for children, but they help fill in that additional space. They are also mobile, which means if you need to pick them up and move them into another room, it's no problem! I also love the small wooden stool that we are using as an additional table. Since the couch is directly in front of the TV, we didn't want to add another large side table. This stool is the perfect size because it can be neatly tucked behind the side of the couch when it's not being used, and pulled out when company arrives. Lastly, the bookshelves are beautifully decorated with a mix of fun objects, family photos and travel souvenirs. There are also a few kid-made pieces if you look closely.

I can't wait to help you develop your perfect space. For more information, visit our website.

xx - Natalie

"When your home shows up well for you, you can show up well for others."

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